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"Zephyr Fine Art takes a paintbrush and gently pushes paint to canvas, subtly creating a work of transferred feeling and soulful spirit. Zephyr Fine Art incorporates intensity through heavy-bodied hues and fervency."


Samantha Spangenburg is an Atlanta-based artist who specializes in acrylic abstract painting, while also utilizing various other media such as oil and gouache paints. She began painting as a child and what began with elementary strokes of color eventually flourished into a vibrant passion. Samantha is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she was influenced by its ever-growing and local art community. 


Artist Statement:

My paintings thrive off the structure of my mind. The human mind being the most complex, abstract compilation of ideas and feelings; but ultimately and personally, it's the composition of the human condition transposed into artistic zeal. It's the realistic splash of bright colors that brightens my need for their display. It's the fluidity of the hues that are manipulated--scraped and pushed, revived then extracted--which only intensifies the sensation. My art embodies the cycle that ebbs and flows to express who I was, who I am, who I will be.

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Various works currently on display:

  • ATL Vegan Diner's Pop Up, Winter 2019 - Present

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All artwork by Samantha Spangenburg.